The philosopher Julien Rochedy is back and his commentary is causing a lot of talk

Editorial Staff
Participative democracy
May 10, 2024


After a long break from the French language, philosopher and writer Julien Rochedy has returned to the language of Molière to poke fun at a sad reality in France: ostracized by the media, he sells far more books than celebrities everywhere on TV.

It’s a real injustice, but at the same time, it’s also the reward for true talent, for the aristocracy of the mind who must consent to suffer the stupidity and disdain of the democratic crowd.

The right-wing thinker, an antidote to the false values that are so prevalent in today’s media, can savor a victory that is not merely symbolic. True talent needs no publicity to be recognized and appreciated, and that’s exactly why Rochedy has forged a loyal and demanding following over the years.

Over-mediatization is not a guarantee of quality, and knowing how to make oneself scarce is sometimes far preferable to showing off.

Like Zarathustra, the thinker must retreat to his mountain to gorge himself on meditation and sunlight, before descending into the valleys of democracy, with its mendacious laws.

The truth is that talent knows how to defeat the conspiracy of silence.

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