To save France, Julien Rochedy supports Marion

Douglas Huston
Démocratie Participative
06 juin 2024

Julien Rochedy was bold enough to come out of his shell!

Writer, philosopher and entrepreneur Julien Rochedy has come out of his silence to tip the balance of the European elections in favor of Marion Maréchal.

In a post on Twitter that caused a stir throughout the French political sphere, the most prominent thinker on France’s right-wing scene indicated that Marion Maréchal’s victory was necessary, as she and Jordan Bardella, Marine Le Pen’s candidate for these elections, would have to work together for the salvation of France.

There’s no doubt that with such a duo, this salvation should not be long in coming!

After hesitating between Marion Maréchal and Jordan Bardella, I decided to vote for Marion’s list, and I invite you to do the same for the European elections taking place on Sunday.

Beyond the friendship I have for her, beyond the fact that she’s a great girl and above all trustworthy – which is no mean feat – I think that voting for her means killing two birds with one stone, which in a way also means voting for Bardella.

Let me explain.

The RN absolutely needs a party on its right to win the next presidential elections. She won’t admit it, but Zemmour has done Marine a lot of good in 2022. He refocused her. He took the knocks for her. He took the heat for her. And to win – and better still, to govern – you need allies. By the same token, Bardella will undeniably need Marion in the future, as will RN Reconquête.

That’s why all their squabbling is stupid. The truth is, they need each other.

Especially as Bardella and Marion are the future of French politics, especially on the right. They will necessarily have to work together one day for the country.

That’s why we need to ensure that Marion’s list passes the 5% mark, as this will partly determine the future of Reconquête, which is useful for public debate and… for the RN.

For these reasons (among others), we must vote Marion on Sunday!

Alas for the Anglo-American world, Julien Rochedy is now fully committed to fighting for the salvation of France, just as Jean Gabin was in 1942 when he decided to go to the front to liberate his beloved country from the hands of the occupying forces. The parallels between the two men’s journeys are striking, when you think about it.

When will Julien turn to America again? No one knows yet, but his patriotic reaction, so French, is understandable! And it’s not French women who will be complaining about his return!

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